Welcome to The Table. The purpose of this event is to bring people together to share food and inspiring stories in an intimate setting. It is designed to be a cultural journey through food which is why it’s called “The Table”.

In our first of a series of The Table events, Chef Luis Clavel of Shuck Seafood & Raw Bar and East of Grafton Tavern is pleased to be joined by his mother Maria Ramos (originally from El Salvador), special guest and storyteller, to collaborate on an amazing evening of food, culture and stories.

Start the evening with a delicious welcome Horchata cocktail, reception then settle in for an amazing cooking demo and family style feast. Immerse yourself in a Latin American Night at the Market, complete with live music by Latin Drama.


Family style dinner

Beginning Platter
– Pupusas (El Salvador)  Maria will do a live demonstration!
– Latino style flap jacks with white cheese, sour cream in masa
– Ceviche (Peru)
– Grouper in lime, pickled onions, cilantro, and tomato
– Empanadas y aJi (Colombia)
– Fried dumplings with potato and beef short ribs with garlic herb sauce
– Tamales de elote (Nicaragua)
– Sweet corn dumplings wrapped in banana leaf
– Chicharron (Puerto Rico)
– Fried pork shoulder

Middle Platter
– Churrasco de carne y chorizo (Argentina)
– Grilled meats and spiced sausage on the spit
– Gallopinto (Costa Rica)
– Black turtle beans and rice
– Platanos fritos (Guatemala)
– Sweet pan fried plantains
– Bread and condiments
– Tortillas
– Soft maza rounds
– Condiments: Pico del gallo, salsa picante, curtido, crema

Finale (Dessert)
– Dulce de leche helado (Dominican Republic) with liquid nitrogen
– Caramelized sweet milk, sugar and cinnamon
– Chaja (Uruguay)
– Sponge cake with spiced peach and syrup with dehydrated meringue
– Tawa Tawas (Bolivia)
– Fried dumplings tossed sugar and crystalized almonds

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