The Pearl is a social enterprise operating within Autism Nova Scotia.

We make and sell jewellery and accessories with the purpose to:
– Empower the Autistic community.
– Support autism programs and services.
– Educate to build understanding, acceptance, and inclusion.

Why the name The Pearl?
Pearls are strong, unique, beautiful and versatile, just like autistic individuals each pearl is distinct and diverse but equally supported by the clam or oyster. This diversity is symbolic of the Autism Spectrum and represents the individualization and resiliency of the people and families we meet every day.

Why we love to be at the Market?
The market creates an opportunity to connect and share stories and experiences with our community. And provides the participants of our Launchpad program a platform to build and develop transferable job skills while they are part of our onsite sales team.

If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, connect with us on FB and IG @thepearlns or visit our website.