Let the peppers shine! I’m here to bring you top notch hot sauces. I’ve got five unique flavours ranging from mild to extra hot…Sweet Cherry Bomb (Sweet, garlicky and a decent kick at the end), Smoky Jalapeno Bacon (Bold, smoked jalapenos meet fire-roasted long red chilies and garlic, and then natural cooked bacon flavour), Thai Bird Tang (Spicy and tangy, fresh lime juice and key lime oil make it great with fish!), Goat Pepper Fire (HOT, fresh, clean, simple, showcasing the fruity and elusive goat pepper), and then finally Candy Reaper Burn (XXX-HOT, fair trade organic cane sugar, garlic and fresh Carolina Reaper). Rudi’s Hot Sauces are all-natural, very low sodium, gluten-free, packed with organic ingredients, and Smoky Bacon Jalapeno and Goat Pepper Fire have no sugar! Rudi’s Hot Sauce is produced in small batches by Rudi and his famous father, the Peppermaster. Come down to the Seaport Market for a sample!